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TV/Film Actor based in New York City.

Staten Island born, Brooklyn based.


Raised on Staten Island, now living in Brooklyn with his wife, Phil has received diverse acting training (HB studio, Bob Krakower, Anthony Grasso, to name a few). In order to broaden his knowledge in the business, he attended Kingsborough Community College majoring in Broadcast Media Management (Dean’s List).

Whether it be killing people, hunting down murderers, stealing laundry, or being the lovable goofball with an edge, Phil has worked on several network shows (ABC’s What Would You Do, Discovery ID’s Good Cop Bad Cop and Evil Lives Here), and several independent films.

Keeping himself available in Manhattan, he’s working with one of the city’s best medical clinics. (The things an actor will do for a buck).

As seen in:
Philip James Actor based in New York
Philip James Actor based in New York

Recent updates, shows and more.


Philip James Actor Website



Went out to LA with the BRAGGING RIGHTS team to battle LA for the sketch comedy championship. It
was a split. One night NY, one night LA. Let’s see what happens next show.

Philip James Actor Website



Produced a fun piece, COPS AND FATHERS, where I was dual cast. Don’t worry. There were other actors
and a crew there. I didn’t do it all by myself. LOL. It takes a village.

Philip James Actor Website



Had an amazing time working with Discovery ID on EVIL LIVES HERE: Shadows of death episode 308.
Officer Phil, reporting for duty.

Philip James Actor Website



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